Socially-leisure complex

“STRELA” physical culture and sporting club of PLC “ROSTVERTOL” carries on active sporting and massive activities, aimed at organization of healthy and active leisure of the enterprise workers and members of their families, as well as at drawing there of to regular physical culture and sports practices.

13 table tennis, 18 darts and 20 table games (backgammon, domino, draughts and chess) sets were purchased for the enterprise workshops.

According to its work results in 2010, “STRELA” physical culture and sporting club of PLC “ROSTVERTOL” was awarded Diploma of the 1st grade, as the best physical culture and sporting organization of the year, by Deputy of the City Mayor, V.V. Ledenyova from administration of Rostov-on-Don city.

“STRELA” physical culture and sporting club of PLC “ROSTVERTOL” comprises:
1. Sporting campus with mini-football fields, having artificial grass coating, volleyball and basketball tabloids, tables for arm wrestling and table tennis.
2. Physicalcultureandhealthimprovingcomplex.
3. Shooting range, having all necessary accessories to train and to hold competitions on shooting from pneumatic pistol and rifle. There is a “Running Boar” movable facility installed at this shooting range.

There are arranged systematic training exercises and there are held different competitions among PLC “ROSTVERTOL” workers, dedicated to the Day of Homeland Defender, Women’s 8th of March holiday, Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.

There are table tennis, mini-football, shooting, badminton, athletic gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, health improving swimming, billiards sections and “Health improving group” in function at “STRELA” physical culture and sporting club.

Total quantity of those, who are involved and who participate in different sporting activities, being held at available sporting base of PLC “ROSTVERTOL”, is 1230 people (in 2009 – 780 people, in 2010 – 1020 people).

PLC “ROSTVERTOL” administration, headed by its General Director, B.N. Slyusar, take care of available material & technical base improvement and support all initiatives, linked with the massive sports development and health improvement of the workers and members of their families. Owing to this we not only preserve our traditions, rather develop them successively.