“VESNA” children health improving camp

PLC “ROSTVERTOL” offers to your children and grand children respective vouches to the children health improving camp “VESNA”, situated in a picturesque place, called “The Green Isle” (29th Line Str.).

This camp functions in 3 shifts, each one having 21-day long duration.

The children live in two-room houses, each accommodating 3 people.

It is arranged children boarding 6 times a day.



Pedagogical collective, composed of the students from Rostov-on-Don institutes and colleges, is engaged in the educative, organizational and health improving work.

To provide active recreation of the children, this camp avails of its own games’ pavilion, concert hall, stadium, volleyball and basketball tabloids. There are also in function different hobby groups and sporting sections.

This camp offers also 5-day long children staying.

Children departure is on Mondays with concentration thereof from 7.00am to 8.00am near the Palace of Culture of PLC “ROSTVERTOL” (located in Lenin Str., 105/3), while children arrival is on Fridays, beginning from 16.30pm.

The camp territory is guarded by special security agency.

Full vouch price is 12285 rubbles and its payment may be made by due bank remittance or in cash.

Additional information is available on the following phones: +7(863)297-72-15; +7(863)297-79-06 and on cellular phone: +7(919)897-26-10