Aerostat Complex

The Balloon Department (BD) was established in February 2005, and is a structural subdivision of “Rostvertol” PLC. It functions as “Rostvertol” PLC’s executive office, as an operator of utility aircraft. At present BD operates and maintains 80TA balloon.

The following aerostatic services may be provided:

  • passenger flights on the balloon;
  • flights with advertisements;
  • accompaniment of celebrations;
  • photography and video filming during provision of aerostatic services;
  • The Balloon Department is a certified subdivision of “Rostvertol” PLC in the field of utility aircraft and the sole operator of thermal balloons in the Southern Federal Region.

The 80TA thermal balloon, State number RA-0119G, flies on a leash and along a route. Has the following basic performance:

  • shell volume — 2550 m³;
  • payload weight including pilots and passengers — 350 kg;
  • maximum flight altitude — 5000 m;
  • maximum route flight duration — up to 3 hours;

Limitations in weather conditions:

  • low ceiling — not lower than 200 m;
  • visibility — not less than 2000 m;
  • wind speed at ground — not more than 4 m/s.

Shell’s external coloring: white-blue-red top and bottom, white advertising band with “Rostvertol” marking and logotype.

Balloon basket dimensions: 1.0×1.5 m.

The balloon envisages fixing of different types of advertising products.

In a tourist version it takes on board 4 passengers.

Has the following insurance policy of “Soyuz” Insurance Company:

  • passengers liability (physical damage)
  • civil liability before third parties.

The balloon was manufactured at “RusBal” Ltd ( Moscow) in June 2004.

Chief of Balloon Department, Aleksandr D. Kalajdzhi
Tel.: Mobile: 8-918-555-67-42; 8-918-554-95-68; 8-918-555-90-39